Hiring and Retaining International Trained Workers – The Employer’s Roadmap



Are your company to tap into the wealth of talent and experience offered by internationally trained workers (ITWs)? With the right approach, hiring and retaining ITWs can significantly enhance your organization’s diversity and competitiveness.

The Employer’s Roadmap to hiring and retaining internationally trained workers” created for IRCC, offers a comprehensive pathway to achieving success in this endeavor. Here’s a quick reference to get you started:

The Recruitment Process:

  1. Define the Job: Start by defining the essential skills, language requirements, duties, and responsibilities of the job. Consider using industry standards and specify any required certifications or licenses.
  2. Find Potential Candidates: Cast a wide net to attract the best candidates, including considering Express Entry candidates or temporary foreign workers under Canada’s Global Skills Strategy.
  3. Assess Credentials and Experience: Be specific about what credentials and experience are required for the job. Utilize resources such as Educational Credential Assessments to understand how international education compares to Canadian standards.
  4. Select the Best Candidate: Choose the candidate who best meets the job requirements and organizational needs.
  5. Raise Awareness: Ensure everyone involved in hiring understands the value of international skills and credentials. Provide diversity and cross-cultural training to all employees, especially those involved in hiring decisions.


Key Strategies in Recruiting:

  • Focus on Skills and Experience
  • Transparent Processes
  • Value International Credentials.
  • Ethical Recruitment


By reviewing and adapting your recruitment process to be barrier-free and inclusive, you can attract and retain top talent from around the world. Together, let’s build a diverse and thriving workforce that drives innovation and success

Access the full resource here.  https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/corporate/publications-manuals/employer-roadmap-hiring-retaining-internationally-trained-workers.html#_3._RECRUITING